What’s a mycobiome?

A couple of years ago I wrote about our microbiome — microbial communities in and on our bodies — and since then much more has been learned about it.

But what about our mycobiome?  It’s about our resident fungal community and the role it plays in health and disease.  Scientists recognizing the importance of the relatively young study of our mycobiome are calling for microbiome researchers to include our mycobiome in their studies.

So would those studies be called our microbiome mycobiome?  Try saying that real fast a few times.

In my video game Microsurgeon (Imagic 1982), I included bacteria, viruses, and white blood cells that stand in your way of curing the patient.  But if someone were to make a Microsurgeon-like game today, they should include fungal opponents.  An average fungus is 50 times larger than an average bacterium.

If you’d like to read more about mycobiome you might like a 2013 article on the subject or a 2013 talk (video) about it.