Self-driving 18-Wheelers still need drivers

The Huffington Post blogs about the new self-driving 18 Wheeler trucks being tested by German manufacturer Daimler in Nevada.  But they will still require a driver, especially for lane changes, small roads, and emergencies.

A commenter adds that security is another issue.  If the trucks were to eventually go with no human driver, who would handle the security of the shipped goods?  As a science fiction writer and thinker, I immediately pictured a robot accompanying the self-driving truck.  But even then, are we ever really going to legally allow robots or other artificial intelligence to provide security on a truck with the possibility of injuring other humans?

So, at least for years to come, human truck drivers will continue to operate and/or sit in part-time self-driving 18-Wheelers.  If you like the idea of sitting in a big truck, either old-style or self-driving, you might enjoy my class video game “Truckin'” for Intellivision — pretty nice comments on that YouTube page!  Or if you like the smaller variety of vans and trucks, you might also like my short story “Time Enough for Sarah” in my time travel anthology, about a time travel shuttle driver and his daughter.

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