“Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2” by Richard S. Levine

Thank you to all my readers who have enjoyed “Science Fiction: Time Travel” or “Science Fiction: Robots & Cyborgs”!  I’ve been so pleased with the response to these e-book anthologies that I decided to publish a volume 2 entitled “Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2”.  It is now available on Amazon.com.

Each story relates to some form of time travel, robots, or cyborgs.  “The Time of Your Life” makes a life and death game out of time travel.  “Oddly Perfect” examines math and time in multiple dimensions.  “RemoteDoc” describes a possible future for surgeons, In “Remorse above Enceladus” a robot space cowboy probes a new feeling, and “A Penny for your Thoughts” presents a futuristic social network.

Next, I will make this available on Smashwords for other reading devices and formats.  Also, “Science Fiction: Genetics” is in the works.





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  1. I published to Smashwords.com on November 23, 2015. So “Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2” and “Science Fiction: Genetics” are available through Smashwords.com now in a variety of e-book formats. They should be available through iTunes very soon, and Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and other distributors soon too.

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