“Science Fiction: Genetics”

See Amazon.com for “Science Fiction: Genetics”.  This is my first genetics-related anthology of my stories.  I enjoy following advances in genetic and epigenetic research, so I’m sure I will write more of these.

“You Can Choose Your Parents” refutes the notion that you can’t choose your parents.  “Liar” examines the life of a young woman who visits a Lie Bar.  “The Library of Pain” probes a psychologist’s patient who has issues with pain.  In “It’s in the Stars” we meet a couple who wonder if fame will be in the stars for their children.  “My Brother’s Keeper” is a clone mystery that takes place on Mars.

Versions for Smashwords.com, including a variety of formats for various distributors,  of “Science Fiction: Genetics” and “Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2” coming next.


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  1. I published to Smashwords.com on November 23, 2015. So “Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2” and “Science Fiction: Genetics” are available through Smashwords.com now in a variety of e-book formats. They should be available through iTunes very soon, and Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and other distributors soon too.

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