Naughty holiday bots

Many know that during the holidays there’s a line drawn between those that are naughty and those that are nice.  Software bots are very much like robots, often tirelessly performing sometimes dangerous, and usually repetitive tasks.

Bots are increasingly making financial decisions, conversing with us, and keeping records, all of which could potentially be nice.  But bots are also making many online purchases, and often not for the consumer but instead for retailers and businesses that want to then resell items.  This could potentially be naughty.

MIT Technology Review reports that “Bots Are Ruining Christmas by Beating Humans to Online Checkouts“.  Have you had this happen?  I did.  During the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I saw a really interesting discount from Dell that seemed to be too good to be true.  Upon visiting their website and finding the item, Dell’s website informed me that the item was sold out.  Very frustrating, as this happened twice.  Was this due to a naughty bot?

Ever heard of sneaker bots?  Yep, consumers can have a bot purchase their desired sneakers before others without bots.  Many who can’t get the sneakers they want are upset about sneaker bots.

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