Intellivisionaries #3: Microsurgeon game discussion and interview

The Intellivisionaries podcast, episode 3, was posted on November 22, 2013.  They discuss my award winning classic video game, “Microsurgeon”, at length and include a long interview with me, Rick Levine.  The timeline is given here and a few of the key starting points for fans of “Microsurgeon” are: (1 hour 21 minutes) start of discussion on Microsurgeon; (1 hour 29 minutes 53 seconds) a fun audio rendition of the Microsurgeon backstory; (1 hour 56 minutes 15 seconds) start of my interview.

You can download the mp3, or stream it (click MENU on the player there and select More Episodes), or subscribe on iTunes.

I hope you have as much fun listening to this as I did reminiscing.  By the way, here’s a tiny extra bit of nostalgia.  I am pretty sure that the name I gave to the art prototyping tool I created for Imagic Intellivision development around 1982 was “Da Vinci”.




6 thoughts on “Intellivisionaries #3: Microsurgeon game discussion and interview”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about Microsurgeon, and your other Intellivision games (PBA Bowling… and a personal favorite of mine, Truckin’). It was wonderful to have you on the show, and to finally talk to you about discovering the “Easter Egg” you hid in Truckin’ when I was a kid (and having my letter about it published in 2 video game magazines of the day). I’m just as much a fan of your work now as I was back then.

    Thanks, Rick!

    -Paul Nurminen (a host of The Intellivisionaries Podcast)

  2. Paul, it was my pleasure. The love you and your fellow Intellivisionaries show for the classic video games is apparent in your podcasts. Thank you for helping to keep this part of video game history alive, even 30 years after these games were created.

  3. Pure awesomeness!

    What (MS-Windows) tools would you recommend for folks in 2013 looking to create graphics like those you did with “Da Vinci”?

    Thanks, and thanks!

  4. Many indie developers like Gimp, since it’s free. There’s also Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. You can even use Paint in Windows. has some intro videos. But for 8×8 style block graphics with 2 color limit, I’m not sure what’s out there today. You could just try creating 8×8 blocks (with legal coloring, according to the machine you’re developing for) in paint or gimp or … and then reuse only those blocks in your artwork and sprites. As for Intellivision specific art tools, I have no idea if anyone has these today. You might also try searching on 2d sprite tools or 2d sprite animation.

      1. It looks like Elektronite is offline for an undetermined period (June 2014?) so I’m not sure I can get info from them…

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