Intellivision Truckin’ interview

My “Truckin'” interview (Episode 23) with Intellivisionairies was recently posted.

While I was developing “Microsurgeon” (Imagic 1982), I was driving back and forth on the I-5 freeway to the Los Angeles area to visit friends and family.  There are thousands of trucks of all colors and sizes traveling on the road.  Many carry goods to retailers or for delivery.  I often thought about what it must be like to drive a truck down the thousands of miles of major highways in the U.S.  So I designed and programmed “Truckin'” (Imagic 1983) in order to give game players the feel of the open road, a taste of logistics — planning the best path, and the challenge of delivering goods as safely and efficiently as possible.

Below is a short video of the gameplay on Intellivision.

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