Fun with math

I usually do the Ole Miss Math “problem of the week” and “algebra” problems when they run the online contest, but lately the site seems to be having problems.  So I went looking for other math problems to work on each week in the meantime.  I enjoy the mental exercise, and it helps me when I tutor math to students preparing for the SAT, GRE, and other exams.  Note that the following websites offer math problems that can be difficult to solve, but if you enjoy math, then you’ll probably enjoy the challenge.  You never know what you might be inspired to work on next.  After reading about perfect numbers, I wrote a story about a math professor who met a multidimensional creature.  It was published, and I look forward to trying my hand at a few more math-related stories.

The Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament website has problems and solutions from former contests. aims to inspire brilliant science and math oriented students from all parts of the world.

The Art of Problem Solving website has problems and solutions to many former AMC 12 tests.  The American Mathematics Contest 12 (AMC 12) exists to help students on their path to the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO).