Family Tree Solitaire

Now (May 19, 2016) I’ve also posted quick/short rules for the game on my website in text format for printing.  There is also a pdf version of the intro video that you can print.

If you enjoy solitaire, poker, genealogy, and/or memory skills games, I think you’ll enjoy “Family Tree Solitaire”.  Unlike most solitaire games, the main goal is to produce a high score and beat the computer — or your own previous high score.

I have posted detailed rules on my website for “Family Tree Solitaire” in html and pdf format.   I am excited to announce that “Family Tree Solitaire” is available on the Google Play Store.  I hope you will enjoy my new game.

About a year or so ago, I decided to work on a game using Unity3d.  As a classic games developer who has made games for many devices that have come and gone, I like that it has a cross-platform engine.  I enjoy card games, and I wanted to experiment with a different kind of foundation for solitaire: a tree structure — very familiar to genealogists, programmers, and others.  The result is “Family Tree Solitaire”.

Family Tree Solitaire

 I will also be working on putting this game on the Windows Store and possibly a WebGL version.  If I get enough interest, I will also consider a version for Apple devices.

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  1. Update on my game, “Family Tree Solitaire”. Now it’s also on the web for free at It plays in most modern browsers that support WebGL. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (WIndows 10), Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. It will not run in Internet Explorer. If you run Windows 10, it is also now on the Windows Store, and still available in the Google Play store too.

  2. I would love to play this on iOS. Please consider a version for that platform. Or maybe Xamarin as a core to make it cross-platform?

  3. I developed “Family Tree Solitaire” using Unity. The game runs on Android and Windows 10 devices, as well as WebGL (supported by most modern browsers) — at It probably won’t require many changes to run on iOS, but Apple requires a Mac to publish iOS games and I don’t have a Mac yet. When I get a used Mac or gain access to one, I’ll make an iOS version. To see what’s currently supported, check out

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