A few new sci-fi shows in 2018

Of course, it’s my hope that you enjoy reading sci-fi and will try a few of my stories in print.  If you also enjoy sci-fi on television, you might like C/net’s recent article on the subject entitled “2018’s hottest new sci-fi and geeky TV shows”.  

Altered Carbon“, based on the novel, may be one of the most anticipated new sci-fi series.  Assuming it follows a similar storyline, the series will take place 500 years in the future when people can be stored digitally and placed into new bodies — sleeves.  Look for it on Netflix.

To show you the range of sci-fi to expect in 2018, “Lost in Space” is being rebooted on Netflix.  Silly?  Quite possibly, but they claim to have a more modern take on the story.  What does that mean?  We’ll have to wait and see.

While you’re waiting for the new sci-fi shows, try to imagine some of my stories made for television.  Perhaps the tiny robot team from “A Floccinaucinihilipilificatious Life” solve crimes in “CSI:Robots”.   With “Monk” as an example — not to mention the current success of “The Good Doctor” — it could be time for a new television scientist and/or detective with OCD  based on my story “Coded Obsession“.

Enjoy the new 2018 sci-fi shows!