Over 1,000 have tried Family Tree Solitaire

If you have tried or are considering trying Family Tree Solitaire, thank you!

It’s a free game in a niche category of card games.  But that niche is crowded with all kinds of solitaire games, and I was pretty concerned that no one would find my game.  I’m not sure whether Family Tree Solitaire has reached as many players as it has due to its fun factor, unique challenges, solitaire category or family tree aspects.

It helps to be mentioned in top 25 lists such as on itch.io‘s “Top games tagged Solitaire” (scroll down the list on that website about half way) and on Flipboard in “20 best Amazon PC games“.

In any case, I hope game players will continue to find and enjoy Family Tree Solitaire.

Falcon Heavy – history in the making

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy — according to SpaceX “the most powerful operational rocket in the world” — successfully launched today, Feb. 6, 2018.  This summer, the Falcon Heavy may be used to launch the Planetary Society’s LightSail 2.  In 2019, Falcon Heavy might also launch the first lunar tourists.  This is the stuff of science fiction, but it’s happening!  The launch is about 29:40 in the video.