Do we time travel in our thoughts?

Like probably many of you, I’ve been on vacation recently.  I visited several places in the West that made me think about time travel.

If you ponder the oldest sci-fi form of time travel, you might picture a machine of some sort that takes a person forward or backward in time.  There are many other ways to time travel.   Sci-fi romance often incorporates time travel through such things as writing letters, accidents, or even genetic inheritance.  Sci-fi spaceships have often used technology to create temporary or permanent worm holes.  My own stories have used a variety of time travel methods.

But what about the human ability to travel in thought?  This is how I time traveled on my recent vacation, using my imagination — SEE THE LIST AND PHOTOS BELOW.   One might ask whether my thoughts really time traveled?  I don’t know, but now that I’m back home, I can still visit these places in my mind.  Yes, it would be fantastic to actually go back in time and visit the building of Stonehenge or the dinosaurs roaming the land or seeing the super volcano explode — from space, please.

But until I figure out how to do that, my imagination is the best sci-fi vehicle I have.  That’s why I also enjoy writing sci-fi time travel stories.

Place: Alliance, NE; Site: Carhenge; Form of time travel: Imagine Stonehenge (built 3000-2000 BC) in England


Place: Rapid City, SD; Site: Dinosaur Park; Form of time travel: Imagine the dinosaurs playing in beautiful nearby Custer State Park


Place: Bismarck, ND; Site: Steamboat Park; Form of time travel: Imagine this 1870’s steamboat replica plying the Missouri River


Place: Medora, ND; Site: Theodore Roosevelt National Park; Form of time travel: Imagine seeing millions of Bison 300 years ago


Place: Yellowstone, WY; Form of time travel: Imagine the super volcano here that erupted 600,000 years ago


Place: Red Canyon, UT; Site: Flaming Gorge; Form of time travel: Imagine what it looked like before the dam was built