Learn a bit about programming (coding)

I started programming (writing code) not long before handheld and video games came along.  A solid mathematics and software engineering education prepared me for careers in teaching, video games design and development, and a number of excellent software engineering positions.  While everyone should explore opportunities and education that fulfills their particular strengths and goals, it’s a good ideas nowadays — considering the abundance of apps, phones, tablets, computers, and even robots — to understand a bit about how computer software works.  Spend some time learning to code.  You might like it!

Mattel Handheld Football shown on “The Goldbergs” tv show

In 1979, I started work on Mattel Electronics Handheld Bowling.  It was great fun, and quite a challenge, to work on handheld games that ran on 1k (that’s 1,024) bytes of code.

The latest episode (called “Shopping”) of the tv comedy series “The Goldbergs” featured a quick scene with one of the boys playing Mattel Electronics Handheld Football.  You can find the episode on abc.com or hulu.com.