Brain to Brain communication over the Internet

Computerworld reports on new research that explores brain to brain communication over the Internet.  This capability could lead to help for disabled individuals or enhanced communications in emergency situations.

There is also potential for new kinds of internet gadgets.  In my short story “A Penny For Your Thoughts” (in Beyond Centauri, 2012) I describe such a device used for a future kind of social networking.

Google Doodle kitty helps with quantum mechanics

Nobel prize winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger was born August 12, 1887, so CNet recently reported on a Google Doodle created to celebrate Schrodinger’s birthday.

In my science fiction short story “Surfing the Wave” Jerry calculates the future.  He wants to know whether his future fate is set or can be changed.  This and a few of my other young adult SF short stories can be found in my e-book anthology “Science Fiction: Future Youth”.


Why I write short stories

Writer’s Digest blogger Chuck Sambuchino recently posted “5 Reasons Novelists Should Write & Publish Short Stories”.  I particularly like reason #1, where he states “if you’re avoiding writing them because you believe that you have to write a novel in order to have a career as a writer, I beg you to reconsider.”

I wrote a good part of a novel, before I realized I was a short story writer.  Here are a couple of my reasons for writing short stories…

1. Because I like to read short stories.  I enjoy filling in the details in my mind, and I can cover a wider range of writers and genres in a shorter period of time.  Novels sometimes start out great but finish poorly — or muddle in the middle.  If that happens when reading a short story, you’re done all that much quicker.  Don’t get me wrong, novels can be enjoyable too, but short stories are my preference.

2. Because I code short programs.  For many years, I wrote assembly language code that had to fit in sometimes as little as 1k-4k (that’s 1,024 to 4,096 bytes of memory).  I learned to appreciate the value of trimming unnecessary code and functions.  In writing terms, 1k-4k is equivalent to about 200-800 words.  That’s flash-fiction length.  I mostly like writing short stories less than 4,000 words, although someday I may try novella length.


MAVEN spacecraft

According to Florida Today, MAVEN — short for “Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution.” — is the first spacecraft devoted to understanding the Martian upper atmosphere.

I enjoy writing stories that take place on Mars.  That’s why I wrote “Home Renewed”, first published in AlienSkin Magazine (Dec 2005).  As a child, I was fascinated with old homes and buildings.  Architecture is a science, but it’s also an art.  Sometimes the best or most meaningful designs deserve to be preserved.  You’ll find this short story about a most unusual old home on Mars in my science fiction e-book anthology, “Science Fiction: The Arts”. 


Couple of games that look like fun

Ticket to Ride is a popular railway-based board game.  The map reminds me a little of my classic Imagic video game Truckin’ for Mattel Intellivision, which included a detailed map in the games’ instruction book.

With all the good-looking golf games that are available, why would you want a golf game that doesn’t have real golf courses?  Super Stickman Golf 2 looks like fun, though I admit I haven’t tried it yet.  It’s been out for several months and appears to be popular.  Below is the pre-release video which shows some of the holes.