PhotoFaceMatch software

This may be the genealogy tool I’ve been wanting.  PhotoFaceMatch, still in the development stages, can compare facial features of a person in two or more photographs.  It tries to determine the likelihood that it is the same person.  I don’t know yet how well it will do with faces of varying age.  It would be great to have a tool that can tell you the probability of a match of your great-grandfather’s face at age twenty with another face at age sixty (which might be your great-grandfather).

Writing Quality – Does Money Matter?

I write speculative fiction because I love to make up stories and then share them with readers.  As a game designer and software engineer, I also enjoy the creative freedom of using written language versus the limits of expression in computer code.  A sale, whether to a magazine editor or an e-book buyer, can be a wonderful validation (of) and reward for one’s effort.

This New York Review of Books blog post asks “Does Money Make Writers Better?”

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and coding?

Reading, writing, and mathematics have long been the building blocks of a good education.  Now, with computers and chips showing up in just about everything, it might not be a bad idea to include coding in the list.  Coding, however, is no substitute for a solid knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics.  This video shows a number of well-known people touting the benefits of learning to read and write code.

To code in C, or not to…

Dr. Dobbs magazine asks “Why Code in C Anymore?”  I love that the Editor in Chief, Andrew Binstock, said this about code in C: “…when you read the code — anyone’s code — you know exactly what they’re doing…”

If you are a programmer, especially a tester, you probably know exactly what I mean.  If you aren’t, just know that C++ templates can make it especially tricky to figure out what’s going on.  Just look at this commentary at the USC School of Engineering by Ted Faber, Computer Scientist.




TripAdvisor – Travel writing

 I am a TripAdvisor “Top Contributor”.
 I enter my TripAdvisor reviews using an alias, like many TripAdvisor members, and I try to be as honest in my opinions as possible.  I heard from TripAdvisor that I am “among the top 1% most-read reviewers of all time.”


Inspiration: Pan-STARRS comet

On March 10, 2013 I took this amateur photo of comet Pan-STARRS over the Gulf of Mexico.  It was a beautiful sight.  I was reminded of Valor, a young character in my short story “You Can Choose Your Parents”, “…like the feeling he got when he first saw the rings of Saturn…”

Disc Golf is a fun sport

I played Taylor Park disc golf course in Largo today.  On the 12th hole (336 feet to the hole) I made my drive through the trees, but it curved left and landed in a clearing about 130 feet from the hole.  The basket was just a few feet from the lake today.  I sent my second shot right of the basket (which is where I wanted it), and it curved left and fell right into the basket!  My previous record for making a shot was 100 feet.