Remote Programmers

While there are examples of software engineers working together remotely (in different locations) — such as some video game and a small list of high technology startup companies — why don’t we see large computer-oriented companies taking advantage of their own technologies in order to employ qualified engineers (and other professionals) who may not want to relocate?

Google, Microsoft, Apple and other high technology firms with their R&D staffs concentrated in California and Washington still develop software mainly through a centralized workforce.

Cloud and Web services are the future. Wouldn’t that be a great way to put qualified engineers back to work around the country without requiring them to live in very expensive places or places they may not want to relocated to?

I realize I’m thinking off the top of my head, and this idea may be much more complex than my simplistic comment above.  These companies and others may be prohibiting remote R&D work due to security, tax, sociological, and other business and/or political reasons.  But wouldn’t it be in the interest of the governors of many of the states in America to work with these companies and others to figure out how remote R&D work could create jobs in the future?