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April 29, 2016: I am excited to be releasing "Family Tree Solitaire" soon for Android, followed by a Windows Store and possibly WebGL version.  "Family Tree Solitaire" detailed rules can be found as html or pdf. I even have an intro video on YouTube.  More on this new kind of solitaire video game in the next day or two.

Science Fiction: Time Travel

You can find E-books, based on my short stories on Amazon,  Smashwords, Kobo, Apple, and other sites.  Time Travel is my top selling sub-genre.




See my blog for much more.


U.C. Irvine recently inducted me into their Computer Science Hall of Fame.


D. B. Weiss, who wrote about my award winning video game Intellivision "Microsurgeon" in his book "Lucky Wander Boy", is co-creator of HBO's "Game of Thrones", movies, and other media.

In my Photo Gallery you can find a 1982 Evening Magazine video interview I did while working at Imagic on "Microsurgeon".

IMDB recognizes me for my design and development work on the video game "Kids on Site". 

I was a guest speaker at the Games for Health conference in Boston (June 11 & 12, 2009).  "Microsurgeon" is considered one of the first video games about/for health. There are a few pictures in my Photo Gallery.


Unleash your inner Shakespeare at

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About Me
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Hello, my name is Richard (Rick) S. Levine.  As a classic video game developer, I programmed Mattel Electronics handheld Bowling and designed and developed Microsurgeon (TI 99/4a too), Truckin', & PBA Bowling for Mattel Intellivision.

In addition to game design, I also enjoy writing science fiction short stories.  I've even won some writing awards. Tutoring math, math problems ( and genealogy research also interest me.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you have questions regarding this site or would like to provide feedback, please email the author at RichardSLevine at  Replace at with @.

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